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Angela Winslow, MFT

Arlene Unger, Ph.D.

Clients come to me during times of transition in their lives, and when relationships present problems which seem overwhelming. 
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I am Arlene Unger, Ph.D.  One of the hardest things to do in life is ask for guidance especially when we are  not sure why we need it or if we really want it. View profile

Jennifer Isham, LCPC, CS, NCC

Lori Bennett, LCSW

Hello. My name is Jennifer Isham.  Iím a licensed clinical professional counselor and certified sexologist with over thirty years experience in the field of  therapy. View profile Hello, Iím Lori Bennett. Iím a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice in Colorado, and have provided therapy to individuals for over 20 years.   View profile

Kristen Patterson, LMHC

Marlene Shiple, Ph.D.

Iím Kristen Patterson, a state certified & licensed therapist with 18 years of practice. I am available to  provide you with quality therapeutic consultation. View profile Welcome!  I am Dr. Marlene Shiple.  State certified and licensed Professional Counselor,  I have 30+ years of experience helping people make their lives better and happier.    View profile

Paul Seitz, MSW, LCSW

Patricia Brawley, Ph.D., LPC

Paul Seitz My name is Paul Seitz MSW, LCSW  with 18 years experience. Therapy is not something one turns to only in times of crisis; rather it is a decision to be proactive. View Profile

Dr. Patricia Brawley

I am Dr. Pat Brawley. I have experience in treating  anxiety and depression, stress, trauma, anger problems, gender identity issues, relationship problems, divorce recovery. View Profile

Cathleen Sheil, LPC

Karen Turner, LMFT, DAPA, CPC

As a professional working in the mental health field for 23 years, I have helped many people who have been dealing with a wide variety of problems and situations. 
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I believe in people, that each individual has within them a blueprint, a pattern that when listened to will allow them to move towards their own wholeness.  Iíve spent my life helping people find that blueprint. View profile

Hallie Murphy, LPC

P. Rhonne (“Ron”) Sanderson, Ph.D.

Hi, I am Hallie Murphy. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in Texas with 10 years experience in both inpatient and outpatient psychotherapy.  View profile

Hi! Is that you? I’m glad that you chose to stop by my on line office. I am P. Rhonne (“Ron”) Sanderson, Ph.D. I’ve served as a Licensed Psychotherapist since 1983 – presently, some twenty-four (24) years. View profile

Diana Unterspan, LPC, NCC, NCSP

Jeanine Ricchetti, LMHC, CAC, NCC

Hello, I am Diana Unterspan, a licensed practitioner with over 20 years experience in counseling, psychotherapy, and diagnostic evaluations.  View profile Hello, my name is Jeanine Ricchetti. Are there things you are afraid to talk about, afraid to put into words because they might become more real? Are you ok most of the time, but then you have flashes of pictures, sounds, and feelings that you struggle to push away?  View Profile  

Catherine Cain, Ph.D.

Jay Hebert, MEd, LPC

Hello. I am Catherine Cain, Ph.D.   After working with families directly for over 25 years, I greatly enjoy helping others overcome life hurdles. View profile Isnít the Internet great?  Welcome to my cyberspace life-changing office!  Please, take a deep breath and know that your life is about to take off! View profile

Dr. Juliann Mitchell, Ph.D.

Pamela Wilder, Ed.S, LPC, NCC
Welcome!  My name is Dr. Juliann Mitchell, Ph.D. I am a licensed psychologist with over twenty years experience in counseling and psychotherapy.  I am also a published author of three books, and a workshop presenter. Thank you for taking the time and energy to stop by.  View Profile Hello.  My name is Pamela Wilder, Ed.S, LPC, NCC, a licensed professional counselor with 25 years of experience.  I use Cognitive Behavioral approach to help clients.  View profileView profile
Carolyn Rounds, LCSW Edie Park, MD
Carolyn Rounds My name is Carolyn Rounds and I have been in the private practice of psychotherapy for 25 years.
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I am H. Edie Park, MD, a psychiatrist. I offer a broad range of services from medication information, weight issues, eating disorders, relationship issues, anxiety, depression, and addictions. View profile
Cassandra Cheshire, Ph.D. Marsha Zurborg, MA, LMHC, DCC
Welcome to my online  office.  I am Cassandra Cheshire, Ph.D., a licensed practitioner with 20 years experience in  counseling and psychotherapy. View profile Serving people is my passion!  I am always excited to be included as a part of your journey.  I see my role as guide and sometimes companion as we explore all the different facets that make you who you are.    View Profile