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Hello! I am Arlene Unger, PhD and welcome to my 
 virtual office. One of the hardest things to do in life
 is ask for professional guidance especially when we
 are  not sure why we need it or if we really want it.
Whether on-line, in person or on the telephone asking   for help when we are most vulnerable is not easy. As a counselor for the past 20 years I have had the utmost respect for those who want to learn more about themselves. 
  Overall, my success as a Licensed Psychologist and
  Marriage, Family, Child Counselor comes from being an active listener, an empowering coach and supportive facilitator of personal growth and change.   I have been  trained in positive short-term therapy.   In addition, I continue to attend classes and obtain certifications that are applicable to those clients I serve.   For example, I had an opportunity in the past couple of years to work with before and after surgical weight management patients.  In doing so, I was able to empower them to sustain their vision of a healthy ideal weight.  Currently, I am close to completing both my Nutrition and Coaching Certifications.  I plan to incorporate nutritional and personal wellness into my overall passion for helping others with lifestyle redesign.
My patients appreciate my ability to be empathetic, reassuring as well as understanding of their feelings.  I know that each of us have the right to choose to act or not act in certain ways.  I see my role as helping people find their own vision, empower them to be authentic and make their possibilities a reality. Each of us must face certain challenges in our life.  In order to deal with these life transitions or mishaps we may need to rely on the guidance of a behavioral expert.  I see myself as someone who can effectively intervene with behavioral change and help people manage their past to live their futures.
Helping individuals, couples and families step back, view a situation from different perspectives and find new solutions is where I can be of the greatest assistance to you and your love ones.  As a skilled clinician I have been successful at blending my certifications in family systems, chemical dependency, speech & movement therapy, child/adolescent development, neuro-psychological testing and those mentioned above.
It would be my pleasure to listen to your concerns and help you realize your dreams or just inspire you to be the best you can be.  So whether you or a love one has a drinking, weight/eating, sleeping, parenting, intimacy, work, grief, confidence, emotional, transitional life or pre-marital to post divorce relationship issue your e-mail, instant message or phone call to me would be most welcomed.   

Arlene Unger, PhD

PSY 15383
If you would like to work with me, please check out my specialties below:
Communication:  Communicating under stress, speaking w/  confidence, negotiating positively, & managing conflict

Relationships: Dating with confidence, listening actively & effectively to others, growing & building intimacy w/ your significant other, resolving issues with co-workers, your boss, friends, neighbors, family, spouse, children, &  others.

Personal Growth: Redesigning your lifestyle, living & managing your past, coping w/ change & your past, coping with procrastination &/or perfectionism, coping w/ the family &/or child within,  & developing your emotional intelligence

Addiction Management: Co-dependency, alcohol, drugs, gambling, shopping, food, & relationships

Trauma Recovery: Post Traumatic Stress/PTSD & victims of violence, spouse, sexual & physical

Physical:  Problems of sleep, eating, weight control, surgical weight management,  body image and chronic pain

Daily Living: regaining balance, redesigning your lifestyle, coping w/ retirement, dealing life transitions such as death, family illness, empty nest and blended family dynamic, also setting and achieving goals.

Mood and Self-Control: Depression, bi-polar, anxiety, panic, phobic, amnesic and stress disorders.

Learning: Attention Deficit Disorders, pervasive developmental disorders, memory problems, dyslexia & learning issues.  

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