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Greetings and thank you for visiting my online office.

I am Diana Unterspan, a licensed practitioner with over 20 years experience in counseling, psychotherapy, and diagnostic evaluations.  I hope the following information helps you understand my approach to counseling and the compassion with which I approach helping people with the stress of everyday living.

I believe that all behaviors are meant to reach a goal and sometimes we chose hurtful or negative behavior to reach that goal.

Understanding why we do what we do, what we are actually trying to gain can help us find more productive ways to meet a goal and live a happier more productive life.  While I certainly believe that the past effects our present behavior my approach is called “cognitive behavioral” because I think that often changing a behavior can begin to change the feelings associated with those behaviors.  Counseling is a partnership where the client brings expertise on themselves and the counselor brings support and objectivity. It’s a journey embarked upon together, perhaps short lived, but precious all the same.

I have a 60 hours Master’s degree in School Psychology plus additional counseling training on the Doctoral level. I  have received training in couples counseling with the Gottman Institute, the use of the Myers Briggs type Indicator (MBTI) and am currently working on certification as a Sex Therapist.   I have over 20 years of experience in public and private schools, served on the psychiatry faculty of the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center where I worked on a trans-disciplinary team doing child and family evaluations and where I supervised medical interns and doctoral students in psychology. I have also worked in mental health clinics, day treatment centers, and private practice with couples and adults.

My private practice work has frequently been with artists, musicians and stage performers. Exceptionally talented and creative people who are in the spotlight bring special challenges to counseling, Confidentiality is important and they often fear that part of the personal things that trouble them are also the things that give them their special creative edge. Many artists fear that creativity can not exist in happiness and contentment. However it not only survives, it can thrive.  I find distance clients to be highly motivated, comfortable with new technologies and concise. They don’t mind doing occasional homework.

The personal attributes brought to counseling are almost as important as the training. I bring a fluid and flexible mind that can question and theorize without getting stuck. I am compassionately truthful, able to read between the lines, can accept feedback and can easily change directions when required. As a working artist myself I  feel comfortable with the artistic sensibility and as a middle aged professional woman, wife, mother,  community volunteer and friend I know directly what it is like to be pulled in many directions at once. While I have learned to juggle many balls.  I still relish the quietude of doing nothing at all.


CHRONIC STRESS – Stress can make a person sick. It affects your sleep, appetite, attention, heart rate, blood pressure and can lead to long term illness. All living includes stress and learning to cope with it effectively is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.

RELATIONSHIPS – Feelings of incompetence, loneliness, anger, resentment, despair, and hopelessness can begin to poison a relationship that once held so much promise. All relationships include conflict, some of these conflicts can be resolved through communication and behavior change and some are enduring issues that one must learn to cope with effectively.  Counseling can you understand the solvable vs. enduring  problems in a relationship and can help you turn to your partner for support  rather end up on opposites sides of the fence warring with a loved one.   

EFFECTIVE PARENTING – We all know that our children are born with certain personality traits that are there from the beginning. Whether we nurture those traits or do our utmost to change them can make the difference between harmonious family life and continued stress. Our children change us as much as we change them and sometimes we need reminders to parent the way we want to act with our kids not the way our parents acted with us. Parenting is one of the biggest challenges of a lifetime and, sadly , kids don’t come with instruction manuals.  I bring decades of objective knowledge about child development and parenting that is easy to follow, implement and, in fact, can help you feel like a happier more generous parent rather than the “meanie” your child often portrays you to be.

GRIEF AND LOSS – It’s a part of living, and no one gets through life with the loss of a loved one or even a dream. I have clinical and personal experience with pregnancy loss, infertility, adoption issues, death and grief. There is no formula for how to grieve and no one can tell you what’s appropriate and what isn’t. But I can help you find a way that works for you and softens the pain while still honoring the importance of the loss.

SEXUALITY/GENDER – Our culture sends a tremendous mass of signals about what’s “normal” and what isn’t in the world of human sexual behavior. Having a satisfying sexual life is a basic human need like air and water and I believe that there is a very wide range of ‘normal” behaviors among consulting adults. I have also learned how infrequently committed couples have frank discussions about sexuality for fear of being judged or rejected. After decades of listening to clients  and observing online behavior I am pretty unshockable when it comes to sexual behavior. My goal would be to help a client feel safe and comfortable in learning to accept their sexual preferences and sharing there deepest feeling with a long term partner. No one deserves to live in the shadows of shame and fear with a secret that might not be as bad as they imagine. If communication is the key in a relationship then communication about such a core human need is vital. I can help you accept yourself and help you share your feelings with your partner.


Nationally Certified Counselor
Licensed Profession Counselor
Nationally Certified School Psychologist


American Counseling Association
National Association of School Psychologists
American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists.

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