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Karen Turner, LMFT

Hello, I’m Karen Turner, LMFT. 

I believe in people, I believe that each individual has within them a blueprint, a pattern that when listened to will allow them to move towards their own wholeness.  I’ve spent my life helping people find that blueprint, and follow the instructions.  

Aging as a Spiritual Awakening has been of the greatest interest to me for quite some time.  And I find that people who seek me out are doing so because they want to use their aging process (no matter what their age) as a Spiritual Awakening.  

I’ve worked for years with people who have been on various “conscious” spiritual paths or have followed within many different meditation practices which have brought up various levels of challenges that can be addressed more fully in a setting that brings the psychological as well as the spiritual dimensions into focus and integration.  I find this means that there are “tasks” which need to be faced and considered on the spiritual path of awakening.  There is an article on my website which explains this more fully.

I’m very excited about this “new” modality of eTherapy because I think it lends itself very nicely to working with people in many different settings, different locations, and different circumstances. 

My work is Jungian-based Depth work.  I taught Transpersonal Psychology (as well as Jungian Psychology) in one of the first programs of its kind, at JFK University in California .  Students came to us because they were having experiences in their lives which did not fit into any current psychological “paradigm.” They very much felt “called” to work with people but needed a new framework for doing so.  We helped to give them one.  I welcome students of all types to explore the interface between their spirituality and more “traditional” psychology.  

Being Jungian-based also means that I help people face into and integrate their “dark-side” – the parts of themselves, both positive and negative which are more challenging to look at, and which often get projected onto others.

My work has also allowed me to work with very challenging issues around deep grief, and helping people who are facing very difficult realities in their life around disabilities and challenging choices to be made, either within themselves, or with loved ones.  Here, a deep exploration of meaning and questions of ethics and personal integrity have often to be explored.


AGING AS SPIRITUAL AWAKENING --The purpose for viewing Aging as the possibility for Spiritual Awakening is to help use our inevitable aging to maximize its usefulness in our own personal development.  To help someone reframe what is often experienced as devastating emotionally and psychologically, into something which can fill life with meaning and purpose is to provide a lifeline in a sea of darkness.  Above all else, Aging needs to be a confrontation with our humanness, a time to come into contact with the Self, the core of being in direct connection with the Godhead, the fountain of life within us.  This is a time when there is the increased need and potential to surrender to spiritual guidance which comes from within us.  

RELATIONSHIP WORK – Fears of both being swallowed up in a relationship or fears of being rejected in a relationship (engulfed or abandoned) often plague us and make us afraid of getting involved more deeply.  Therapy can help begin dealing with the balance between having one’s own individual creative and passionate life, as well as having a full committed relationship at the same time.  Integrating one’s own values, spiritual and otherwise, is essential to having healthy relationships with others, both personal and professional.

SPIRITUALLY-BASED COACHING – Focusing on many different aspects of life, from discovering what values really drive one to setting goals and formulating a definite and strong plan for accomplishing those goals, are often greatly facilitated by using coaching tools.  Integrating one’s spiritual values is often a very important aspect of coaching, so that a person is working WITH their deepest sense of integrity, not trying to fit their goals or desires into someone else’s set of values.

TRANSPERSONAL CONSULTATION – Often professional people who are themselves therapists or people working in health and healing, need consultation in order to help them integrate their own spirituality into their work, or help them apply Transpersonal principles to their work with patients and clients.


Marriage and Family Therapist, State of Colorado #426 
Diplomate of the American Psychotherapy Association
Certified Professional Coach


American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists
American Psychotherapy Association
American Association of Transpersonal Therapy