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Hi! Is that you? I’m glad that you chose to stop by my on line office. I am P. Rhonne (“Ron”) Sanderson, Ph.D. 

I’ve served as a Licensed Psychotherapist since 1983 – presently, some twenty-four (24) years. You’ll find my office to be safe, warm, welcoming and secure for any concerns or challenges you express or would like help on. If you’re seeking counseling or advice that lends itself to treating you in totality i.e. that considers your mind, your physical self, and your soul or spirit, you’ve come to the right place. 

I believe that we, as humans, have the power to greatly influence and intelligently decide our paths in life leading to positive results, destinies and/or goals. 

I simply facilitate that travel through supporting, coaching, guiding, counseling, provoking and oft times giving several paths or choices to you along the way. The choices or paths you take are always in your hands.

My educational background: B.A. in Health & Physical Education from the University of South Florida, M.A. in Guidance Counseling from the University of South Florida, & Ph.D. from the University of Florida in Counseling with a specialty in marriage & family therapy. Post doctoral training & certification in hypnotherapy.

If you experience:

  • Constant fighting/arguing with spouse, friend, or family member – I can help.
  • Tension or stress headaches due to stress/anxiety– I can help.
  • Confused about decisions on school, engagement, marriage, etc. – I can help.
  • Fears or apprehensions in testing, flying, etc. – I can help.
  • Sluggishness, change of appetite, low or depressed moods– I can help.
  • Recurring dreams or thoughts– I can help.
  • Overeating, weight gain, poor self esteem due to weight gain– I can help.
  • Not being able to stop smoking– I can help.
  • Guilt or condemnation due to religion or faith experience(s) – I can help.
  • Fear of speaking publicly, in a small group, or individually– I can help.
  • Fear of failing or succeeding– I can help.
  • Self defeating or negative self-talk– I can help.
  • Thoughts or feelings that “the world is against me” – I can help.
  • Lack of success in school, work, or relationships– I can help.
  • Inability to control alcohol or drug use– I can help.
  • Loss of commitment or loyalty to work, goals or relationships– I can help.
  • Life scripts saying e.g. “You’re no good just like your . . . “– I can help.
  • A cycle of servitude self talk demanding “Other 1st, I’m last.” – I can help.
  • Feeling that you should surrender yourself for others to make them happy or o.k. – I can help.
  • Trauma resulting in anxious/racing thoughts, rapid heart beat, hyperventilation, &/or flashbacks– I can help.
  • Discrimination due to race, religion, beliefs or sex– I can help.


      • Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist [LMFT] Texas (#5045) & Florida (MT 681)
      • Certified Clinical Supervisor – Texas & Florida
      • Certified Hypnotherapist


    • American Association of Marriage & Family Therapy [AAMFT]
    • Texas Association of Marriage & Family Therapy [TAMFT]


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