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My name is Carolyn Rounds and I have been in the private practice of psychotherapy for 25 years.  I have witnessed remarkable changes in people, which have sometimes transformed their lives.  I have guided them through these changes, but the real work has always been their own.

Successful therapy, in my judgment, requires courage in both client and therapist.  The client needs the courage to explore the thoughts, feelings and behaviors from the past and present that may be obstacles to achieving success in loving relationships, parenting, friendship, career, creative expression, peace of mind. 
 The therapist needs the courage to guide the client through difficult realizations by remaining honest and authentic, while at the same time providing the safety and support that makes change possible.

Life always entails transitions, loss of loved ones, of health, of youth, of wealth, of friendships, of strength, of work, of expectations.  Feelings of powerlessness often result from such life-altering transitions.  During times like this, we can find in therapy our only enduring power:  the ability to choose how we will handle these transitions, how we will cope.
The ability to cope depends in large part on what we have learned in our original families, how we see ourselves because of it, what wounds we carry from the past, what strengths we can lean on and further develop.
All of this and more in the work of therapy.  It is a process I believe in and have committed myself to.  I look forward to working with you. 

Areas of Specialization:

Self Esteem/Personal Growth
  Anger Management
  Step/Blended Families
  Relationship Issues
  Issues of Abuse (sexual, physical, emotional)
  Effects of Trauma
  Coping with Loss
  Sexual Identity Issues
  Communication Skills
  Health/Wellness & Illness
  Life Transitions    
  Issues of Ageing
  Stress Management


NYS Licensed Clinical Social Worker, R205276-1
NYS Licensed Elementary School Teacher

Professional Associations:

National Association of Social Workers
 Academy of Certified Social Workers