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Online Mental Health Counseling - Mental Health Counselor Online My name is Jeanine Ricchetti. Welcome to my Virtual Office. 

Are there things you are afraid to talk about, afraid to put into words because they might become more real? Are you ok most of the time, but then you have flashes of pictures, sounds, and feelings that you struggle to push away?
Do you sometimes want to face them but don't know how? Well meaning friends try to help.  Some things require expert help.

Over twenty years of helping people to tell their stories I developed the HERE & NOW Plan: Seven simple steps for people who are serious about getting out of the pain.
I call it a plan because people who hold on to pain need to have a plan for what to do when the pain comes back. I say it is for people who are serious because it takes some practice. It is simple but takes some practice.  I can work with you until you can do it for yourself. Get Out Of The Pain.
It is my goal, sort of my mission, to help 300 people learn the HERE & NOW Plan this year and then decide if they want to tell their story knowing that they can get themselves out of the pain.

And now the internet makes that possible. Phone and Chat counseling are just a few clicks away. Follow the links, schedule your phone call, learn the HERE & NOW Plan, or tell your story. Don't let location get in the way. Professional counseling by phone, chat or email are just a few clicks away. 

Please donít go another day without getting help from someone who knows. 
Whether it happened two days ago or twenty years ago. Letís work it out together so you can get out of the pain.

I developed the HERE & NOW plan after twenty years of finding out what truly works.  The HERE & NOW plan is seven simple steps that you can take to separate from the pain of the past.
Are you serious about letting go of past pain?  Are you ready to move forward?
Do this for yourself. Don't put it off another day.

I want to hear your story and to help you to learn how to separate from the pain.  Schedule a call with Jeanine to learn the HERE & NOW Plan or to tell your story.

Stress can be managed, anger can be lessened, children can behave better, and relationships can be fun again. Trauma can be resolved, healing can happen, and people can move forward. Counseling can help. Face to face, on the phone, or on line! 

Do Take Care of Yourself,
                                     Helping people move forward.


Areas of Specialization:

Teaching Emotional Pain Management Skills
What would be the first thing you would need to do if your home was on fire?   Get out of the fire.  Get out.  Get to safety.  Then you could look back from a safe distance and figure out how to move forward, how to go on.  I teach people to get out of the pain so that they can get to safety and then, only then, from a safe distance, look back and figure out how to move forward.  Over twenty years I have learned what works in helping people to get out of the pain.  I teach some simple skills that you can learn and then I help to support you as you practice those skills and use them to get out of the pain and into the HERE & NOW so that you can look back from a safe distance.  They are simple skills and they can be learned.  Teaching them is what I love to do and I would love to do it for you.  Don't go another day without learning to get out of the pain.  We can work on it together.

Supporting Change
Is simple the same thing as easy?  Oh how we all wish it was so!  Some of the simple things, like "Just skip desert" or, "Just get to the gym three times a week", sound simple, but are not always easy.  So I support, explain, encourage, motivate and coach people who want to learn the skills and need help with the motivation.  I often tell people, "If I could do the practicing for you I would!  If I could practice it a thousand times and implant it in your mind already learned as habit, I would."  We both know that I can't.  No matter how much I would want to do that for you, I can't.  What I can do is practice it with you, support and coach and remind you with multiple, short, scheduled phone calls or chat sessions or email sessions or face-to-face sessions over a few weeks or months until you see enough results that you have the motivation to practice it on your own.  There are few things more motivating than learning new skills and having them work for you, knowing that you learned them and then practiced them and then felt the reward of having them work for you!  I would love to work with you to see that happen for you. 

Looking Back With You From a Safe Place So That You Can Heal
Do you know that you are ready to tell your story?  Are you able to get out of the pain so easily by yourself that you are ready to look back?  I would love to hear your story.  When you are ready, when you have safety and know how to keep that safety for yourself, then I would love to help you to tell your story.  After gaining safety, telling the story is the next recommended step.   Validation, understanding, awareness and insight help people to heal.  Are you ready to look back at your story and determine how it has affected your life decisions so far.  More importantly, are you ready to free yourself from the negative effects of your story, while cherishing the positive effects?  Are you ready to make your future life decisions free of the past?  There are few things more empowering than freeing yourself from the past.  I would love to help you to do that.  Please Don't go another day.


Licensed Mental Health Counselor #7331
Certified Addictions Counselor #2005
National Certified Counselor #211086

International Society for Mental Health Online