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Online Counseling with Kristen Patterson, MA, LMHC

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 Email: Kristen Patterson

Welcome and thank you for selecting my virtual office. Im Kristen Patterson, a state certified & licensed therapist with 18 years of practice. I am available to provide you with the foremost quality of therapeutic consultation through private emails, scheduled telephone or instant messaging: (IM) chat,  based on Eastern Standard Time (EST). 
Virtual therapy is for the person looking for complete confidentiality and convenience.  I can offer you the uninterrupted privacy that traditional face-to-face office visits simply cannot.  I am available for a one-time consultation or for more in-depth and on-going
                                                    therapeutic services. 
I am solution focused and pride myself on being straightforward and honest, as I know your time is valuable.  If you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, sick and tired of the way things are or just want to talk; then you are ready to begin.  Follow the steps outlined at the top of this page and I will talk with you soon.  Again, welcome and thank you.

Areas of expertise: 

   Relationships: couples, infidelity / adultery, separation, divorce, reconciliation, intimacy, codependency, peers / friends, colleagues, extended family, multicultural issues, midlife crisis, abuse & custody issues.

 Depression:  break-ups, grief, death / bereavement, unemployment, health, infertility, stress, anger, rage, weight gain, weight loss, hopelessness, despair, pain, financial debt.

Anxiety: fears, phobias, isolation, panic attacks, social anxiety, agoraphobia, constant worry, impending doom.

Addictions & Compulsions: temptations, alcohol, drugs, overeating, shopping, gambling, sexual, cleaning, rituals, checking, self-sabotage.

Parenting Guidance: children, adolescents, young adults, blended families, adoption, custody issues.

Individual & family support: bipolar / manic depressive, schizophrenia, borderline, major depression & other personality disorders.

Academic Advisement: primary, secondary, post secondary, vocational, graduate & special education.

Career Coaching: career changes, employment options, work confusion, laid off, terminated.

Mediation, Conflict & Anger Management: assertiveness training, relaxation, reframing, re-scripting, communication, problem solving, compromise, visualization, and breathing.

Crisis Management:  acknowledge, inform, educate.

Empowerment: personal growth, self improvement, healing, holistic health.

Credentials / Licenses:

M.A. Community & Guidance Counseling; 
               B.A.: Human Development w/ a specialty in Mental Health

Licensed Mental Health Counselor: LMHC

Certified Clinical Supervisor

Certified Guidance Counselor


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