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Hello and welcome to my virtual office.  My name is Jennifer Isham.  I’m a licensed therapist (LCPC), certified sexologist, and National Certified Counselor, with over thirty years of experience in the fields of coaching, counseling and therapy.  Believe it or not, I have over 22 years of phone coaching and counseling experience, including 12+ years of e-mail and virtual chat services, before these services were formally called such.

I’m available here at in Eastern Standard Time (EST) by phone, virtual chat, and email, but focus primarily on virtual chat and email therapy.

I have a background in both traditional and non-traditional modalities of therapy that includes psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, existential, solution-focused, narrative, possibility, person-centered family systems, and crucible-theory  Additionally, my counseling draws from a variety of life disciplines, e.g. philosophy, art, literature, music, and ecopsychology, bringing an organic, real and natural-based blend of science and person-centered therapy to my clients.

My style and approach to counseling is friendly yet serious, caring and compassionate, a place to be heard, explore deeper issues, gain new understandings, and learn new skills.  I’m known for my welcoming energy and my ability to help people feel safe, comfortable and quickly connected.. 


Personally, I’ve lived and worked in various parts of the United States (Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Illinois, California), as well as overseas, living and working in Singapore, Iran and Nigeria in the 1970’s through early 80’s.    While in these countries, I was introduced to diverse cultural and spiritual beliefs and practices which have served to support my respect for people of all cultures and all cultural, spiritual and religious beliefs.  While overseas, I taught at the American School , started a preschool for expatriate children, and volunteered as a volunteer counselor to the expatriate community.


During the 1990’s, I worked  as a family therapist in a family and youth agency and seven as a crisis interventionist for a county crisis program, working both a crisis hotline and doing onsite crisis intervention at hospitals, schools, and police stations.  I’ve worked with children, adolescents, adults and seniors, as well as with families experiencing problematic situations such as separation and divorce, gang violence, problematic children and parents, blended families, illness, and other parenting concerns.  Today, I continue to work with clients in all situations face-to-face but primarily by phone, email and virtual chat. 

Many people who contact me ask me “how long is it going to take before I feel better and/or my problem goes away”.  My belief is that therapy doesn’t have to last forever, and that change and transformation can occur within a short period of time.    It is also my belief that while people want their lives to change, they don’t always want to be the ones having to do the changing!

My philosophy for counseling is that people can be the editors of their own lives, active agents of change, especially when the situations or others around us can’t, or won’t.  This doesn’t mean all things can be changed by us in the way we would like, nor does it mean they will.  It simply means sometimes that having more understanding around something helps things to change, or allows us to better cope.  

My areas of interest and specialization include:

Addiction/Compulsions – temptations and compulsions with alcohol, drugs, sex, internet sex and internet addiction, smoking, gambling, shopping,  self-sabotage, and procrastination.


Anxiety: fears, phobias, isolation, panic attacks, social anxiety, technological worry, agoraphobia, constant worry, impending doom.


Career –career displacement and change, career clarification, work-at-home options, lifestyle changes due to work-to-home changes, career downsizing

Crisis Management:  crisis prevention and intervention and management of personal, professional and family crisis.

Depression –chronic sadness, disillusionment, hopelessness, and stuckness, break-ups, grief, death / bereavement, unemployment, health, infertility, stress, structural, environmental, relational, organic depression that leads to separateness, aloneness, and the belief you are different, misunderstood and “less than” those around you, or that you live in a world that feels like it may be “coming apart”.

Individual and Family support – support for people who have or have family members suffering from chronic illness, mental and emotional disorders, e.g., addiction, bipolar/manic depressive, schizophrenia, borderline, major depression


Parenting and family - children, adolescents, young adults, blended families, adoption, behavior disorders, custody issues, gifted, special-needs,  and “indigo” children.

Personal GrowthOverall personal development from a wholistic traditional and non-traditional model of mind-body-spirit that fits with a client’s belief system

Relationship Issues – couples, relationship enrichment, communication skills, infidelity / adultery, separation, divorce, reconciliation, marriage sabbaticals, intimacy, codependency, peers/friends, colleagues, extended family, multicultural issues, midlife crisis, abuse.


Separation & Divorce – marital infidelity/adultery, separation, divorce, marriage sabbaticals, separation, divorce, custody and mediation issues, custodial and non-custodial parenting

Sexuality and Sex Therapy  sexual communication, enhancing desire, arousal and orgasm, impotency, men and women’s sexual issues, relationship enrichment, sex education, sexual addictions and compulsions, sexual dysfunction and sexual functioning and satisfaction, sexual relationships and partnering issues, sexuality across the lifespan

Sexual Lifestyle, Alternative Lifestyle, GLBTQ – Solo, bi, poly and-tri-relationships, poly families, fetishes, gender and sexual identity, partners of bisexuals, sexual identity (e.g, gay, lesbian, transgender, queer) sexual relationships and partnering issues , sexuality across the lifespan, relationship and lifestyle adjustment & transitions

Spiritual growth – spiritual awareness and growth, crisis, integration of spirituality and religion into one’s life and relationships, spirituality as treatment for emotional and life challenges; spiritual emergency


Step- and Blended Families – divorce, separation and remarriage, children and parenting in step and blended families, resources for step and blended families.

Retirement Counseling – non-financial retirement lifestyle counseling focused on individuals or couples 40 years and older who are questioning the future, looking at planning for the future, making career and lifetstyle shifts, downsizing possessions, simplifying, having difficulties with the idea of change and want to explore options and blocks to the options they see as the path they wish to follow.

How do you know if virtual therapy is for you?   If you appreciate convenience, time and energy savings, and confidentiality, you’re comfortable with talking by phone, or corresponding via email or instant (virtual) chat, then virtual therapy will probably work for you.  It also offers confidentiality, and with email therapy, the ability to communicate at your convenience, rather than at a scheduled time during which you must be somewhere.

I know your time is valuable and am therefore solution-focused, priding myself on being straightforward and honest, as well as compassionate and caring.  While known to the get to the heart of the problem, I am also sensitive to the time we have to work together and more often than not, you’re coming for answers to questions you have rather than wanting to do long-term deep therapy.  Therefore, I work from a solution-focused model while also giving you things to think about that can take you deeper into personal awareness and solution than simply short-term change.

I genuinely embrace people from all lifestyles and walks of life, and have an interest in meeting you where you need to be in order to live more effectively and stress free  If my style of counseling feels like it fits your needs, or you just want to try a session or two, complete the steps outlined on the Find-a-Therapist website, and we’ll be ready then to begin.

Again, thank you for visiting my page, and I look forward to the possibility of working with you.

Kindest regards,

Jennifer Isham, MA, NCC, LCPC, CS

Illinois License 180-001937
National Certified Counselor,  #36624
Certificate in Sexology and Human Relations
Midwest Institute of Sexology;
Certificate, Family and Divorce Mediation, DePaul University


American Counseling Association
American Mental Health Counseling Association
National Board of Certified Counselors
National Children’s Rights Council
NAMI (National Alliance for the Mentally Ill)
Illinois Counseling Association
International Society for Mental Health Counselors Online
Fellowship for Intentional Community Institute for 21st Century Relationship